It’s small but powerful. Sleek yet tough. And you’ll never think of video the same.

CENTR is the first 4K resolution panoramic camera that allows you to capture your whole experience. Red Bull, FOX Sports, National Geographic, and the US Army are already using it.

We’ve tested our cameras all over the world and beyond – from African safaris to the edge of space. Now, we’re bringing CENTR cameras to you.

CentrCam panoramic video camera

What does CENTR do?

  • CENTR creates 360° 4K footage in real time.
  • CENTR is splash-proof.
  • CENTR has a quick-release battery which easily locks into place when you're on an adventure.
  • CENTR enables individual camera selection, so you don't have to shoot in 360° all the time.
  • CENTR footage can be viewed through your desktop, smartphone, or tablet in real-time through the CENTR interactive player.
  • You can create everything from panoramic time lapses to the ultimate 360° selfie.

You can download the full specs on CENTR here.

CentrCam panoramic video technology

Experience CENTR

Day in SF
Day in SF
Paragliding in Chile
Paragliding in Chile
Burning Man
Burning Man
Motorcycle Race
Motorcycle Race
Helicopter Approach
Helicopter Approach
CENTR's Team

Meet the Team


Bill Banta - CentrCam

Bill Banta

Before co-founding CENTR in 2011, Bill held roles in program management, operations and supply chain at Apple and Square. More »
Paul Alioshin - CentrCam

Paul Alioshin

Before joining CENTR in 2012, Paul led Camera Engineering at Apple. He was responsible for bringing the concept of a built-in iSight camera through engineering and into mass production including Mac, MacBook Pro and iPhone. More »
Geoff Donaldson - CentrCam

Geoff Donaldson

Sr. Hardware & Software Engineer
Geoff was responsible for CENTR’s initial software algorithm development and continues to play a leading role in hardware and software development. More »
Nathaniel Bubis - CentrCam

Nathaniel Bubis

Algorithm Developer
Nathaniel has been working as an algorithm developer for the last 7 years. He holds a joint degree in physics and mathematics, and Masters degree in Nuclear Physics. More »
Ben Hirsch - CentrCam

Ben Hirsch

Software Engineer
Ben has been programming since he was 12 starting with making websites and has continued learning about everything else that makes computers (and programmers) tick ever since. More »
Alfredo Stockder - CentrCam

Alfredo Stockder

Business Development
Prior to joining CENTR, Alfredo worked in private equity, participating in the business plan development, operational setup and go-to-market strategy of a pharmaceutical startup. More »
Ryan Judd - CentrCam

Ryan Judd

Market Research and Customer Engagement
Ryan’s previous experience includes working as a project engineer for a $250 million, LEED Silver-certified real estate development, gaining expertise in cohesive project management and customer engagement. More »


Joey Roth Joey Roth designs products that focus and enhance the beauty of everyday rituals. His work is born from a love of both craft and technology, motivated at all stages by a deep respect for the user. Joey was born in San Francisco and grew up in New Jersey. He graduated from Swarthmore with a BA in Industrial Design Theory. When taking a break from design, he likes long-distance hiking, reading and cooking.
Scott Suiter Scott Suiter has led the branding and graphic design for CENTR. He was drawn to the project because he is a lover of all things camera. A self proclaimed “addict”, he has 8 cameras in his arsenal ranging from Holgas, 5Dmkiii, and now some pretty cool 360º prototypes.
Andy Suiter Andy Suiter has orchestrated the branding and graphic design experience for CENTR. After spending a considerable amount of time in front of the camera as a professional baseball player, he has now migrated into a position to try and bring this new medium into unique scenarios, sports just being the tip of the iceberg.

CENTR, a Stealth HD brand